Spiritual Life Coaching – Using Special Moments to Transform Your Life

Have you ever notice that there are moments when no matter what you do it will fail while at other times anything you do will succeed? Spiritual Life coaches and astrologers use this insight to help their client find the best moment to progress into their life goals. This article focuses on coaching your own mind into contentment. Coaching starts in a walk on the Beach Tried sometimes to walk bare foot on the brink of an ocean, your feet are just touching the water, preferably at sunset, look toward the horizon just where the ocean meets the sky?! For most of us, it is just a little bit harder to get upset, worried or angry at that situation. Have you wandered why? in spriitual life coaching this is an important element.

The magic of the middle points The answer is very simple. Peace is in the transitions point. This is why the most magical times are autumn and spring. When you are on the brink of the ocean, you are just on the contact point between the water element and the earth element. The horizon is relaxing because there is the meeting point between the air element (sky) and water element (sea). Sunset and sunrise are the transition point between the day and night. These opposite energies in Chinese Daoism are called, Yin & Yang. The Yin and Yang have specific polar attributes, like the sun and moon, masculine and feminine, active and passive. The points of transition are connecting points between the Yin & Yang. In Sanskrit, the ancient language of India, it was called, “Madiamika”, the middle point (or “shunyata” – “0”) The yogis have found this transition point to be the best time to connect to the present moment and to enter meditation Tony Robbins Silver Tickets.

A Tantric Secret in Genesis To emphasize my point, I will use a story we all know. “At the beginning, god created Heaven and earth, and chaos was upon the earth and darkness upon the abyss” In Kabala, the mystical tradition of jewdisem, chaos is not a bad thing. Actually heaven and earth were still united at the end of the first day. The first day was consider a day of grace (“Hesed”). Only at the second day, god had separated heaven and earth. This was an act of judgment (“din”). The second day was the only day god didn’t conclude by saying “it is Good”.(“Ki tov”) That day is the origin of the human problems. Most of the time, we feel only our selves. Actually what we feel is separation. The separate energy of Yin & Yang, masculinity or femininity, is always dominant. Sometimes, we are active and dominant; sometimes, we are respite and passive…etc When one energy is dominant, there is always a restlessness, yearning to be complete, missing of the other type. When we feel the lacking of something, it is harder to be present in the moment. It is much harder then to recognize our basic fundamental completeness. This wholeness exists just an inch below our ever restless thought processes.

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